Question at Tech Support

Dear Tech Support

why all of my N5 Project causing problems opening in N6 especially VST and ASIO Performance.
But when i set up the same project fresh and new the performanc is fine?

how can i fix this… ??

thanks. best,

You will need to provide a lot more information to accurately diagnose the issue. Check your plug-ins and make sure it’s not a bitbridge issue either.

Hi, thanks…

i think it s not a mather of more informaion because iam not the developer of the project.
the fact is that the developer of the software here steinberg has to deliver a working software.
my projects are where working fine in 5.5… now not…
so how should i transfer more informaion?

normally each software has a log file or somethin like that so a developer can see if there is something wrong. or not

i expect that a person from tech support will contact me and tell me what information and how i should provide them.

posts like " we need much more informeion" will NOT help …

iam a user… not the developer… i pay for the software… thats it.

Finish your current projects using N5.5 and start news using N6.
It is just common sense not to shift versions in a middle of a work. I’ve never done this with Pro Tools nor Nuendo.
And more information would be useful as problem might not be your Nuendo but some 3rd party plug in or something.

Bye / Tumppi

If you want to know how to fix something, you have to give those who want to help you some information. If you don’t want to share it, the people who want to help you aren’t able to help you. If you say defiant: “I’m a user not a developer” you will not get any help.

So if you’re doing a mix for a client and a client says the mix isn’t working for them, that’s enough? Or do you think they perhaps need to supply some basic information in order for you to fix whatever it is that’s bothering them?

Finish your current projects using N5.5 and start news using N6.
It is just common sense not to shift versions in a middle of a work.

Not realistic.

I’ve had movies come back six months after the “final” mix, because a distributor wanted changes. Doing one next week, in fact.

I have TV shows that use a standard template which includes formatted audio elements. With luck, that format will be used for years.

I’ve had clients call and want to remix or make changes in corporate stuff from three years ago, stuff that’s a lot easier by using the original tracks and automation rather than stems.

In many of these cases, the original was in N3… which won’t even run on today’s computer.

I won’t shift versions while I’m working on a project… that’s just common sense. But projects do have a way of coming back long after you think they’re finished and paid for.

Seems you guys agree. The other stuff you’re talking about is sort of so out of our control it’s barely worth mentioning.

I would check how your preferences are set in N6 - none of mine seemed to be automatically copied from 5.5.

Also, if you want a fast response from Tech Support, contact them through your My Steinberg account.

I contaced steinberg support some days ago and now iam waiting for response.