Question: Audio routing in montage

I (still) have a problem with the audio routing in the montage. Whatever I do, it only sends out audio to channel 1/2.
To explain the problem, I have made a short video. What am I overlooking?
Thanks., Antoine

Audio routing video

Thanks for taking the time to expose your case properly.
There is a bug that was corrected recently (will be published in WaveLab 12.0.30), and that causes additional bus outputs to be silent (eg. your output 5/6 in your video at position 4:15) if the playback configuration bus is not the first one (in the Master Section, this must be the button #1 at the bottom of the Master Section).

However, what you show at 3:49, normally works in WaveLab 12.0.20. I mean, you should hear track #1 in your headphones (output 7/8).
Saying it does not work would mean the playback configuration doesn’t switch the playback device outputs, yet I think this is working.

Hi PG,
Thanks for replying. Indeed the playback configuration doesn’t switch the playback device output. Didn’t work for me in WL11 either. I will do some more troubleshooting. Antoine

Hi PG,
I reinstalled WL. Everything seems to work now…otherwise I’ll be back :wink:

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