[QUESTION] Auto-Conform Audio Files On Import


I have a big sound library with sounds bought from different indie sites. They come in all bit and kHz variations. When I import a 96kHz file into a 48kHz project, Nuendo just plays the file with 48kHz speed. This results in the file being played very low and slow. But when importing a file, listening, placing and then looking for another sound effect, I always have to open the conforming dialog and rendering the files to the project settings. These are always additional steps for every file.

Isn’t there a setting (which I don’t seem to have found in the manual) to auto-conform files when importing, dragging and dropping from outside or importing from MediaBay into the project? This would save so much clicking and time.

Thanks for any hint

I found the setting, although the wording is not like in the menu. The menu says “Conforming Files…” So I looked for conforming or auto conforming.

The setting is in the preferences dialog. “Editing > Audio > Convert and Copy To Project If Needed”
To me this sounds pretty vague. Convert what? Copy what to project (especially because the menu item before reads “Copy Files to Working Directory”. And when is it needed? I think it’s bad naming. But should anyone look for this, that’s it.

Hey Chris…
Good that you found it :slight_smile:
That import file option has been around for a long time and it’s a good idea to leave it on.