Question before format

Hi everyone…Sorry for the noob question… This is the first time i will do a format and i need to double check which files i need to keep so i can open my projects after the format…

So what do i need to make all midi and audio and everything work again ? Do i need anything else except the Cubase projects file? I have a screenshot as an example…

Thank you very much!
Screenshot (13).jpg

Hi - the quick answer is, yes, that should do it…!

If you want to be doubly-sure, why not make use of the ‘back-up’ project/folder option from the File menu (or is it ‘Save Project to New Location’…? forget the exact wording…!). This will do as it says and make a complete working copy of your project, to a location of your choosing. Then you can format all you want, with joy and happiness… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answer!!