Question before to buy it ! on rating and remote control

Hi all , i have one question for the track composing that’s i like in protools , i can rate each take on the fly ! this page explain it , to show you what I mean .

is it possible on cubase ?

My other question is with the remote control plugin , i can assign parameter like my panoramic knob and fader to control temporary the parameter’s I have assigned on the vst plugins ? like 2 mod ?

mod 1 : mod mix stantards , i use fader on each track to control volume and panoramics

mod 2 : when i active the remote control plugin it switch to control the plugin i have actived ?

i don’t understand this concept would you please help me :open_mouth: ?

i will test trial version but i need you’r help anyway :wink:

Thank’s !!! ( my consol is a yamaha dm 2000 )