[Question] - Bracketed dynamics

Is there a way to add a bracket to dynamics? I am working on a score that has them, and can’t seem to get the brackets ([ , ]) to work.


So far you will likely have to use the text tool to add brackets to each dynamic.

Thanks for the info. I was afraid that might be the case. It would be nice if the Dynamic popover handled brackets.


You can add the brackets as prefix and suffix to the dynamic in the properties panel.

And if you want round brackets ( ), there is a special option for this in the properties panel.

WOW!!! Did not know that! Thanks!

Works perfectly!!



thanks for your suggestion, it does work.
Though I will get brackets in italic:

This is, how it would look without them being italic:

[ f ].png

Damn, I knew you would ask for that … :slight_smile:

You can change the Font Style for the ‘Dynamic Text Font’ in Engrave Mode to regular. But this will perhaps change some other text as well, depending on your piece of music …

Does anybody happen to know why I can’t input the bracket in the suffix and prefix boxes? I can input normal and curly parenthesis, but not the square ones.
I can write them elsewhere and copy them into the boxes with the expected result, but not enter them directly.
I’m on a Danish keyboard using Alt-8 and Alt-9 to create the characters in question.