Question/Bug Report about voices

I am taking a handwritten score, and am entering it into Dorico. There are a lot of parts to this, and I am trying to keep it the way the handwritten score is written.

Just now while entering the Viola part, it goes between tutti parts and I & II on the same staff. I run for about 10 measures entering notes into voice 1, since this is a tutti part. I did click on the last note in voice 2 and select 'End Voice". 10 bars later, I go to enter voice 2 again, and now all of a sudden, there are empty voice 2 rests through the 10 bars where there weren’t rests before.

Maybe this is a bug, or maybe this is me not understanding what Dorico is trying to do. But in this case, I selected “End Voice” in the properties, then 10 bars later go to add the voice again, and now it ignores the previous “Ends Voice”. If this is not a bug, can I get a better explanation of what is happening and why?

Also, this is a large score (numerous instruments on the page), the voice indication next to the caret is so small, it is barely readable.


When you start re-entering voice 2 again, Dorico looks back and decides you didn’t mean the previous “end voice” because you don’t have a new “start voice” set.

Quickest workflow by far is to ignore both of those start/end properties entirely, and once you’ve got some rests you want to hide, select them (or filter them) and go Edit > Remove rests. Quicker still is to assign a keyboard shortcut to that function.

Thanks PianoLeo,

I thought maybe something like that was happening… but one of the issues, is it doesn’t seem to be consistent. I think I will try your workflow. It will save me tons of time!!!


P.S. All that “remove rests” does is set the start/end voice properties correctly. You can use it a bar at a time, or a whole flow at a time, or anything in between. I frequently select a passage, filter downstem voice 1 and then hit Remove rests.

So do I. It’s VERY fast

It’s even quicker if you’ve got a macro setup to filter downstem voice 1 with a single keystroke :wink:


I have to admit, as much as I feel I know about Dorico, you 2 (Leo and Marc) ALWAYS impress me with how deep you guys really do know it, and more importantly how your workflows work.

Bravo guys!!!


Thanks Robby - that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. On the other hand, my girlfriend hates me since Dorico came along…

FWIW, I think Leo does know it way better than I do ^^