Question: Can I only delete some music elements in a specific number of measure?

I’m working on a score for orchestra and 2 voices and I need to delete some phrases from one verse. Can I only select those measures and delete only those phrases? In general, can I delete only some music elements from a number of measures?

Not exactly sure what you’re asking for, but you might want to check out this:

It is a short introduction to the Filter function, introduced in 1.1.

Dorico is extremely flexible in what it allows you to add and delete.

You can most certainly select anything - from one note in one bar to all the bars but one in a score, as well as one or all the bars in any one instrument’s or voice’s staff and delete them.

I’ve seen the tutorial on the filters, but it does not allow you to select the text of a single voice. It would be helpful to select all the text of a single or multiple voices to edit them.

What kind of edits are you trying to perform?
Can you post a screenshot?

How about this:

  • Select the passage
  • Edit -> Filter -> Voices -> Up stem voice 1 (or whatever voice you’re trying to edit)
  • Edit -> Filter -> Lyrics