Question)Caret doesn't move to the staff above/below

Hi, everyone. I’m new at dorico. I’d like to use this interesting program to begin with writing an orchestral piece.
But there is a problem at beginning. As like that theme, when I press the Arrow keys up/down to move the caret to the staff above/below, it doesn’t work… For example, when I press down Arrow to move the caret from Flute Staff to the Oboe in the group of woodwinds, I can’t write notes on the oboe staff, because the caret goes to the Horn staff through other staves like clarinet, bassoon. I can’t even select the oboe staff by using a double click.
Ironically, when I change the page view in the Gallery View, then I can input the notes on each staves, finally. Could someone give me a tip to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

@Luh815 , welcome to the forum.

Did you turn Condensing on too soon? One cannot enter notes into a condensed staff in Page View, only in Galley view.

Could you let us know which version of Dorico and what computer operating system and version you are using?

Could you attach a cut down Dorico file here so we can see what you are working with?

[An orchestral piece is a big chunk to bite off for a first project in a new notation system. Have you looked at the First Steps tutorial to get some experience with the program?]

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Yes, I did turn Condensing on. After turn it off, I can input notes finally. I didn’t know it. Thanks!
So, does it make sense to turn Condensing on after finishing input all notes?
I use macOS Monterey M1, and dorico 4.3.30.

Exactly! :blush:

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I create two full score layouts: a Working Score which is not condensed, is in concert pitch, and contains additional staves like a grand staff for a reduction/rehearsal kbd; and a Conductor Score which is condensed, is transposed, and contains only playing instruments. That way I can switch layouts rather than condensing and uncondensing the score.


It is a smart tip to compose a orchestral piece. Thanks Derrek for sharing it :slight_smile: I guess, that working way would be effectively.:+1:t2: