QUESTION : CC121 and quick control cubase 8

Hi everybody,
I am learning cubase elements 8, I got the CC121 and it is great ! I noticed that on the last update i have the option to get on quick control mode if I hold the EQTYPE + ALL BYPASS button together, the light blinks and it seems to be active however no matter how I turn the knobs nothing happens, I wonder if because I am using the elements version the quick control function on my CC121 is not taking effect ?? how can I control the 8 knobs on the instrument tab using my CC121 ?

this is a very specific question i hope someone out there can give me a help, it would be extremely appreciated.
thank you

Hi and welcome,

I cannot check it right now. But be aware, there are two different “Quick Controls” in fact. One is Track Quick Control, which are controlled by CC121, I expect. And there are VSTi Quick Controls.

If no one will answer, I can try this on Tuesday.

Are you aware that there is a forum section for the cc121. Some post about using QC there.