Question.Color scheme of Wavelab 9.

Hi, Philippe! I am a user of Wavelab 8.5 and I plan to be updated to Wavelab 9. Today, having watched all available videos, on Wavelab 9, I had a question. Whether there is opportunity, to set up the “classical” color scheme of display of sound waves, in the editor’s window, same as in prior versions as for me it is customarier option?
Thanks for the response.

Yes it is possible. See where to change this for the wave colors:
The same is possible for the montage colors (WaveLab 8 theme).

This wave theme is independent from the overall application “Light” or “Dark” theme.

Moreover, if you have customized your wave/montage colors in WaveLab <= 8.5, and if you choose to import old settings when WaveLab 9 is launched the first time, then your customized colors will be used by default in WaveLab 9.


Thanks. You did huge operation. Wavelab - forever!