Question: Continous plaback while changing Clips possible?


Is it possible in any way to continue playback of clips without stop while selecting different clips for easy comparison?

Currently you can start playback on a clip and then select another click, which makes playback stop, so you have to manually resume playback.

But let’s say you could start playback on a clip, then select another clip (e.g. by using Shift/Ctr/Alt + Left click) and playback would continue (without stopping) from the new position of Edit Cursor in the new click.

  • In this way you could have continues comparison between clips.
  • I guess this is not supported in any way today?


Are you speaking about clips in the audio montage? Then yes it is possible from the clip list, by clicking there:

I think I subconsciously do this often when replacing a clip by starting playback and then toggling undo/redo to compare the two.

I’m sure a more elegant way is possible or could be added.


Thank you for the reply, I will have a look at it!

Yes, Justin, I was thinking more in lines of just positioning the (Edit) Cursor in a new Clip and playback would resume from that new positioning.


Hi PG!

I had a look at playback via the clip list, but it seems it always atarts from the beginning when I select another clip. Or am I missing something?

What I was thinking of was more like:

  • Position the curson/anchor anywhere in a clip A and start playback as usual

  • During playback positioning the cursor/anchor (e.g. using Shift/Click) in another clip B

  • WL continous playback (without stopping) from the new position of the cursor/anchor in the new clip.

Currently playback will stop when I select another clip and I have to start playback manually.
So I was thinking of something more like the current “Play from Anchor” (F7), which you can use for continous playing from Anchor without stopping, but now with the possibility to change clip.

And then you also may end up in a discussion regarding different alternatives for playback:

  • Should playback continue from where I put the cursor/anchor in the new clip?
  • Or should the playback continue from the same position as in the previous clip?
  • Should you have both options?
  • … other alternatives

The reason for this is that I have audio montage(s) with different versions of the same song/track and I am trying to decide which one is the best mix by comaparison during listening.


Not sure what you mean because selecting another clip does not cause playback to stop. Playback continues in the current position.

To jump to the new clip, why not simply click in the time ruler to continue playback from that point? This is the standard way.

I understand you would like an even more direct way, “just selecting a clip” would cause the playback to continue from there. Why not? But then that should be an option OFF by default. All the Control/Alternate/etc. are already used when clicking.
This option could be somewhere in a transport button menu.

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Tried clicking in time ruler … and thanks; that’s exactly what I was looking for. :+1:

I was used to click inside the clip instead of time ruler… Great!!


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Hi PG!

Just one more question regarding this…

When I click in the time ruler to play parts off different clips for comparison I realised that the Clip Effects settings in the Inspector do not change according to the clip being played.

  • Is this intentionally?
  • Could there be an option for WL to change so that the Clip Effects displayed are the ones related to the clip currently being played, in the same way as if you selected the actual clip?


There is no automatic plugin GUI switching because this sometimes causes an audio hicup, for certain plugins.


Ok,thanks for the reply.


If you click on the actual clips, the Clip FX Chain Window can change to show you the Clip Effects for that selected clip:

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Hi Justin!

Yes that’s what I usually do.

But the reason initially for this thread/question is that when doing so the playback stops and I have to initiate playback again for the new selected clip. And I wanted to see if it was possible to have continous playback when comparing clips.

And for this clicking the time ruler works okay, and I can live without having the Clip effects not changing as long as I’m aware of that! So if I have to check the effects I will instead click on the actual Clip.

I was just a little bit confused, but understand PG’s reason for this.