QUESTION: deleting notes in the score does NOT delete CC data?

I was surprised by this behavior: If I record something in that includes CC1 data via Realtime MIDI record and then delete the resulting notes in the score, the CC1 data I recorded remains in the CC window in Play Mode. Similarly, if I delete the notes in the Piano Roll, the velocity info associated with it is deleted automatically, but again CC1 remains and the only way to delete it is to then separately delete it after erasing everything else, and then deleting it also.

Is this normal behavior? (I’m trying to think of a context in which I WOULDN’T want all the CC data to ALSO be deleted when I delete their corresponding notes in the score?)

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I assume you’re also deleting the score dynamics (p, f etc) along with the notes when deleting in the score. I can’t see anything left when I try to replicate. Is it possible to give us a step by step? If you just delete the notes in the piano roll editor then the CC1 data remains as I would expect.

I just recorded in realtime some notes using CC1 for expression, then deleted the notes in the score. Again, the CC1 data remained in Play Mode CC lane. Went back and deleted ALL notes on the staff and all previous dynamics. CC1 data still remained. Shouldn’t deleting the actual notes from the score automatically delete the CC1 data connected to those notes?

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MIDI controller data is not connected to notes. It’s a completely independent stream of data.

That feels like it will create confusion if one is doing a lot of real-time recording (for example: if you live-record some notes, delete them from the staff, then re-record something else but it’s affected by the originally recorded CC1 data, etc). I could see why you’d went to deliberately record some new CC1 data over existing notes at times, but I can’t think of a scenario in which I’d want to delete the notes but not also delete the CC1 data that was originally recorded with it (but just my two cents).

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