[Question] Diffent verse numbers of lyrics?

Is it possible to give diffent lyric verses in different instrumens/voices diffent vers numbers while using the option “Add automatic verse numbers” on the Lyrics page of Engraving Options?
I.E. in attached example in the stave “Bass” they sing in ALL 3 verses the same lyrics. Therefore I’d like here to remove the (automatic) vers number “1.” or write “1.-3.” in both voices of this stave.
Possible? If yes, what can I do to reach this (while using the excellent automatic numbering of Dorico in the Sopran stave!)?

I’ve attached an example of “Freu Dich Erd und Sternenzelt” where the problem is shown.

Unfortunately we don’t have support for showing ranges of verse numbers on a single line of lyrics. We’ll have to think about how we might be able to support this in future. For now, I’m afraid, you’ll need to employ a creative solution here. One option would be to add all of the verse numbers as text via Shift+X. Another option would be to edit the ‘Lyrics (Chorus)’ font style (in Engrave > Font Styles) so that it’s not italic, and then write the lyrics in the bass staff using the lyrics chorus line, which doesn’t show a verse number, and then add the verse numbers using Shift+X text just for that one line of lyrics.