[Question] Does new "Instrument track 2.0" work with VST2.4?

Does new “Instrument track 2.0” work with VST2.4 plugins or it only restricted VST3 only?
So can I use it with VST 2.4 software’s like Omnisphere, Kontakt 5 as a Instrument Track 2.0?

Now you all folks that have already Cubase 7.5. Can you please confirm?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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How many posts with the same subject do you need to start…?

Don’t move my thread then! :unamused:
I just want a simple answer. Yes or No!

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It works fine with Kontakt 5 here, which as you said is VST2.x I think. I’ve tried to use it as a rack instrument, and on an instrument tracks, which is working fine with output selections, playback etc.


I did not move your thread…

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I very pleased with that answer.

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Uh, no I don’t think it works … Or to say it a different way, you get none of the advantages of the new rack. It does not save output configs of 2.4 plugs. At least, I can’t get it to. Which makes this useless for me.

Yeah, 7.5’s instrument tracks work with all the same plug-ins they did before.

That being said, I think more pressure needs to be put on Native Instruments to update their plugs (especially Kontakt) to the VST 3.5 spec. Not just for additional MIDI inputs but for the advantages VST3 brings to suspending inactive VSTi’s etc.

I’m more into FXpansion and VSL … and good luck getting Angus to make that change :stuck_out_tongue: At least it looks like VSL is updating to 3.x as they released that for ensemble. Need it for Instrument Pro badly now.

Please, can you collaborate your answer even further, Sir? :unamused:

What I wonder is:

Load and work with Kontakt 5 “multi outputs” let say 32ch outputs and 16 midi channel.
If I load Kontakt 5 with new “Instrument track 2.0”. Will it give me and work like this:

In the arrangement and Mixer-page
Track 1 -->“Kontakt Track 1”; = “MIDI ch1” and [output 1-2] *same track
Track 2 -->“Kontakt Track 2”; = “MIDI ch2” and [output 3-4] *same track
Track 3 -->“Kontakt Track 3”; = “MIDI ch3” and [output 5-6] *same track

and so on…


If not? How should I be able to use all my multi VSTI’s if this doesn’t work and support with VST2.4?
The old rack have they taken away completely… :unamused: :cry: :confused:

Old way:

Separate “MIDI-tracks” + one folder with all “Synth Audio outputs”…

VERY WORRIED NOW! :cry: :confused: :unamused:

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I managed to set up a Kontakt in this manner. The MIDI tracks essentially become additional instrument tracks (as in, MIDI track 2 can be wired to send data to channel 2 and you are able to select which of Kontakt’s additional audio outputs you want to assign to that MIDI track which then turns the MIDI track into a hybrid audio return.)

Regardless, all enabled audio outs of the Kontakt will show up in the MixConsole.

JMCecil, could you clarify what you mean?

Need open 8 different Omnisphere to use 8 channels of midi of Omnisphere that can be used with one single Omnisphere before… That is crazy! :confused:

I can’t even believe that Steinberg haven’t though about this if that is true??? :confused: :unamused:

Its not my fault they haven’t update all instruments plugins to VST 3.5 standard. I want VST3 for many years and I have tried and send countless of mail and request about this but they seem not listen? :question:

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What I was saying is that you can’t save them as a preset. But, they work multi-out fine after you set them up.

Ah, that’s what I thought. I haven’t gotten that far but it would be fantastic if you could save a whole bundle of tracks as a multi-timbral preset. You mean it works for VST3 instruments?

Thank you for that! You made my day, Sir! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I will order it as a Boxed version instead from my dealer. I get it next week with some other software’s too. :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking your the time to explain how this new feature works. :wink:

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Thank you for all your help too , Sir!

Have a great one with new Cubase 7.5. :wink:
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The easiest way to think about it is, 2.4s work exactly how they always did. It just looks a little different. With the advantage of being able to turn on all the outputs in one go instead of having to pop up that stupid dialog 32 times. Also, I renamed the instance in the rack.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t update the name in the project window … so you still can’t label your vst tracks so you can tell them apart when you have a lot of instances of the same VSTi (which I do often). Which sucks.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t update the name in the project window … so you still can’t label your vst tracks so you can tell them apart when you have a lot of instances of the same VSTi (which I do often). Which sucks.

Hm. I could be being thick but can this be done (highlight track and rename) via the info line? Although I wouldn’t say it would be the perfect solution if you could. It’s a feature request I think is so logical it should be noticed.

I’m not sure if I know what you mean. You can now rename the VSTi in the Instrument Rack and that name gets used in all the project-wide bussing.

This is especially troublesome when I have 61 instances of VSL Instrument Pro rolling.