QUESTION!! Elements Vs Pro

Whenever it says “Maximum number of players in project 12” in the comparison for elements, does it mean that there can only be 12 instruments in a project?? I am needing to write for full concert band and full orchestra and I need at least 15 instruments. Will elements work for me??

Welcome to the forum, crustad510. You can add more than 12 instruments to a project in Elements by assigning more than one instrument to each player, which would allow you to write a score for those instruments, but you wouldn’t be able to produce correct instrumental parts, since you cannot exclude a particular instrument from a player in the part layout: all instruments held by each player will appear in the part.

So the answer is no: Dorico Elements is really not suitable for working on large-scale works for concert band. For those kinds of bigger projects you would need Dorico Pro.