Question / Feature request -- export markers info to clipboard only

This is a small thing, but on the markers tab, the “Export Marker List as text” tool-tip states that the feature opens a “text only version of the markers list in the default text editor,” which isn’t quite what happens, or what the documentation says, either. The documentation is accurate: “export the markers list in various file formats, or as a printout.” The export function generates a file in WL /temp directory (which conveniently opens itself in Windows Explorer each time I export markers).

I think it would be a nice option to export markers to the clipboard only, instead of creating a file on my PC. In practice, I wind up opening the file, copying the text from it and pasting the text into another document. Then I have to close the temp text document, the Windows Explorer window, and occasionally clear out the /temp directory, as it fills with text files over time. It would save a step and some clutter if I had a checkbox to “copy to clipboard only.” I realize that it might not be possible to create a .pdf or .odf directly in the clipboard, but the other formats which are just text and that should work OK?

Thanks for considering.

I agree. You’re not the 1st one to request something like this.

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