QUESTION/Feature Request: Switch Back Sample Rate

Windows 10. RME ASIO drivers.

This has been driving me nuts for years. I often keep Cubase and Wavelab open at the same time. I’ll occasionally open an old CPR recorded at 48khz,

So, you switch to Wavelab and open a Montage with 44.1 files. No proCubablem so far.

But at some point, perhaps when one performs a ‘Render’ in Wavelab, a Cubase dialogue appears asking if I want to Adjust Sample Rate.

The problem is that regardless of when I answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ it screws up the Cubase project… ie. when I switch back to Cubase, the playback is wrong (slowed down). The only solution is to close the CPR and then re-open.

The only ‘permanent’ solution is to convert the CPR to 44.1… which occasionally doesn’t work great.

I wish there was a way to ‘make’ Cubase switch the Sample Rate back to what it’s supposed to be when I Alt/Tab back to Cubase.

I encounter this quiet often, too. My solution is to open the project preferences dialog and just reselect the sample rate even if it is already selected. Maybe this can spare you the hussle from close and reopen the project. But it might depend in the soundcard driver…

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That actually works for you? I’ve never had success. I love RME but I can’t tell if it’s Cubase or RME. The thing is: this is never a problem in Wavelab so I kinda suspect Cubase.

This works well for me, I have an older MOTU soundcard ( 24 IO with 424 PCIe card).