Question for anyone prepared to care


It’s not so much as issue as a problem, but when using range tools, why don’t they cut and paste tempo changes with it?

The reality is, with all this talk of DAW enhancements, Range Tools should operate independently of locators, ie when you cut and paste time in a particular section of a song it should expand and contract as necessary.

Steiny, take the lead again please and give songwriters tools that are second to none (you’ve always done this in the past).


Do you have the tempo track visable and selected with the range tool in the arrange window?


Hi Hippo,

Yes, the tempo track is visible in the project page but I may not have selected it.

I guess I get confused that when selecting a given range and when pasting you have to be on the topmost midi or audio track (I have tempo, signature and markers at the very top of the page).

Maybe this is a feature request but there are many things I’d want addressed prior, which are probably in other threads but as always Cubase allows you to progress one way or other. It is simply a matter of pushing the envelope of what’s possible, ie to achieve things in the simplest manner available and not so much about what isn’t (possible) achievable.

Thank you