Question for Avid Artist Eucon users

Is it true that the Avid Artist Mix series will not mirror which tracks are visible in the Cubase Mixer window?

So if I wanted to hide all tracks in the Cubase Mixer except the drums, would the Artist Mix mirror and show only the drum tracks?


Unfortunately, the visibility settings in cubase have no effect on the artis series mixers. A long outstanding missing thing. If I remember correctly, aa steinberg representant here told us that they will include it … but no committment when and how…

Cheers, Ernst

Thanks. That is a must have feature.

I dont think that work well with any remote controllers. MCU follows MixConsole 1 only. It is pity that you not switch to lower section mixer at least. A good system should have a lot more…

Maybe someone from Steinberg can give us a hint WHEN this will be solved?
(I consider it a bug - honestly speaking).