Question for Bricasti M7 users

I’ve never have used hardware inserts, but I recently bought a Bricasti M7.

My question is this: The manual says that I need a MIDI device that corresponds with the Bricasti. I can associate it with a current MIDI device, or create a new MIDI for the effect. I have an Axiom Pro 61 Keyboard controller and an Avid Artist Control. Is there a benefit to associate the Bricasti with one of my hardware MIDI controllers, instead of creating a new association called Bricasti? Or, am I misunderstanding something?

I am new to MIDI controllers. So, I’m sorry if this is an obvious solution question. I am particularly interested in being able to use MIDI to change/review the Bricasti’s patches.

Thanks to anyone who provides me with advice!

Not what the manual means.

It means that Cubase wants you to create a MIDI device (in the MIDI devices, basically a software controller for the unit) so that it can accurately calculate the latency of the unit (for automation, also for processing delay compensation). This will allow Cubase to compensate for the processing delay of the unit so that the signal returned will be in sync with your other tracks.

Theoretically, you could just create a basic MIDI device, no software control of the device needed.

It doesn’t mean that it wants to be associated to a hardware controller.

Thanks Shinta215

By creating this MIDI device, will I have access to the Bricasti’s bank selects- i.e Chambers, Halls, Plates etc- in the Insert interface? Or, are their additional steps?

You’d have to associate the appropriate MIDI command to the MIDI device.

I.e.: Label a patch and set it to Program Change 1.

I honestly don’t know too much about how this works. I don’t have a DAW setup right now, but I have two external effects units and have researched in the manual about how to set them up. Don’t count what I say as a definitive answer.

The Chapter on MIDI devices starts on page 357.

I just checked the manual.

No. The insert interface is simple. Only contains Delay, Send Gain, and Return Gain.

In order to change the presets, I think you’d have to create a MIDI track or an Automation track whose output was set to the port on your MIDI interface that the Bricasti is on.

Thanks. I’ll check the manual and set it up.