Question for Cubase 6.5 64bit and Komplete 7 Users


I have seen a really great deal on Komplete 7 and have been searching the internet, forums and google for days to try and clear up some questions I have but seem to get conflicting answers…

Does anyone who has them both know if I can use both Cubase and any of the plugins in Komplete 7 in 64 bit mode together? I have read so many times that you get vst bridge problems and warnings, but surely that is only if the plugs are 32bit? (I’m presuming K7 has the 64 bit option)

Also, is anyone having problems with Battery and Massive? I’ve read issues with these too…

Any sharing of your experience would be great :slight_smile:

…I’d love to go for Komplete 8, but that Cubase 7 upgrade is whispering too me… :open_mouth:


I think all of the Komplete 7 instruments are 64x. I use them everyday ( Massive, Maschine, Battery, Kontakt FM8 and Reactor) with Win 7 64x and Cubase 6.5 and no problems at all. Also this is a new PC for me and I’m coming from XP 64x. I had issues untill I JBridged 32 bit plug ins but in Win 7 the Stienberg bridge works just fine.

Like Mr. M said, NI’s plugs are x64.
In Cubase 6.5 it’s working rock solid!

Absolutely no problem here with 6.5 but…

C7 seems to be a different story

I don’t think the physical Komplete 7 install discs were all 64 bit applications at that time.
But once you install and get everything set up, you can easily update to 64 bit at the NI website.

No issues with Battery or Massive that I’m aware of.

Thanks for your input guys…that gives me plenty to think about. I think I will go with the deal and hold off with the C7 update until things seemed to have been sorted out. :wink: