Question for DM1 users!

Hey all - first time poster here!

Got cubasis a few days ago, been ,really enjoying using it so far. I’ve been using audiobus to send the output of my DM1 into cubasis, but as it is an audio file, there is no way to sync it to the tempo of cubasis, or quantize the drum beat for that matter.

Could someone walk me through the process (if possible) of exporting my dm1 patterns as midi files, and getting the sounds from the DM1 into cubasis? I’ve tried messing around with the midi connections feature, but just don’t quite understand it.

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Hi there,

well DM1 is sort of a difficult child midi wise. Forget about actually syncing this properly. I havent managed to and DM1 doesnt react to Midi Start and Stop. Also the whole Midi thing in iOS is pretty much a mess. Cubasis is from my point of view the most stable App when it comes to Midi.

What I usually do is sequence it over Audiobus but not recording it. Instead when done I bounce it in DM1 and import it into Cubasis. Otherwise you will be off a tiny bit, as there isnt the needed precision in actually making it loop properly.

Thats why quite a lot of Cubasis Users whish for a Loop Feature in the Audioplayer as for example Audioshare has. So you can control your loop while adjusting the boundaries of it.

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Thanks so much. So let me just make sure I understand what you are saying. You just record everything but the drums in cubasis, and then when you are done with the track, you export the dm1 file as a wav, import it into cubasis, and sync it then?

i´m doing it in this way.
programming my beat in dm1 with the same bpm like my cubasis projekt.
if i´m done, audio copy-> import in cubasis and put it on a track lane.
if i want to change a sound, a mix or make variation, going back to dm1 and …


Hi Charwold,

I work with MIDI in DM1 and Cubasis in two ways; first, I might put some pattern together as a song in DM1 (that is, my drum programming is done all in DM1) and then record the MIDI from DM1 to a MIDI track in Cubasis. Second, I miss out the programming in DM1 and program straight to a Cubasis track and send the MIDI out of that track to DM1. In bot cases, I eventually route the audio from DM1 to Cubasis via Audiobus when I have my drum track pretty much where I want it.

In the first route, as the two apps are not sync’ed via MIDI, this does, of course, require you to line up the resulting MIDI track within Cubasis with the rest of your project after you have recorded it but this is easy enough to do… I use an audio count in on a Cubasis track to help me trigger DM1 playback as close as possible - low tech but it works well enough.

I like the flexibility of having the MIDI in Cubasis. If I want to return to the drums and tweak then I can just use the MIDI editing in Cubasis and re-record the audio once I’ve made the edits.

I agree with Oliver though - MIDI is still a little bit wild west in iOS - although things are improving. For example, in getting MIDI in/out of Cubasis from DM1, as well as switching on MIDI note in/out to Cubasis within DM1, I find I need to set the Cubasis MIDI Connections in the MIDI track concerned to ‘virtual MIDI’ despite DM1 appearing as one of the options… set it to DM1 and nothing seems to get recorded…

Being able to sync via MIDI Clock would be good though… but this is not somethings many iOS music apps seem to support as yet… although it seems pretty well implemented in Sugar Bytes Thesys step sequencer app…

Hope this helps?

Good luck,