question for Euphonix/Avid controller users

I’m in the market, don’t own them yet…

I’ve seen videos about the custom faders functions, seems a bit lengthy to set up.

On my mackie controllers, the physical faders will mimick the Nuendo mixers faders. If you select a stored mixer view with only 3 tracks in it, you will see 3 active faders on the mackie, etc etc.

Does the Avid mix/control behave this way? Or is the custom faders set up the only way to do this?

I do understand that custom faders is a little different, and how you can lock a fader to a specific track while the others are bankable, very cool. But, I’ve gotten very comfortable with creating views on the fly and having the few tracks I need at the moment right in front of me no matter where they are on the full sized mixer. I’m hoping that I can still work this way when I switch out my mackies for avid.


Unfortunately not but it is a known feature request. You create layouts in the EuControl software.

Hey Jesse,

may I ask you why you plan to switch to euphonix?
When I remember right you just extended your mackie-rig and built your mackie/traktor-table?

I tried the artists in store a few years ago, and was very disappointed about the (fader) hardware-quality (in comparison to my mackies), and did not like the location of transport buttons. But I heard that they got new faders in their units?



As you know I was really happy with my mackie desk and I still am for the most part. I am sailing through nuendo jobs faster than ever now and it really behaves like a much more “pro controller”. I’m doing the best quality work I’ve ever done and it’s because of the controller and speed.

Then the LCD display on my main MCU went dark last week. Not a show stopper but definitely through a wrench in the works. It’s a 4-6 week repair and and with the desks capabilities, I’ve said yes to more things than I can handle with out the gear. I need to do the jobs to be able to afford the upgrade. No 64bit support is almost a blessing in disguise right now. I just have to live with it.

Then the following day, A friend asked me to come in on a PT based TV series and do some off site mixing for him. I have templates I’ve built that are specifically designed to offload detailed splits of my mix at Unity for transfer to protools. But understandably, they need access to the dialog edit when they review with the client. AAF to protools is unpredictable at best and I can’t work in Protools with the same speed using the mackies in HUI and no generic remote support. I had to turn down the job and that would have paid pretty well.

So I started looking into Eucon and a few things jumped out immediately.

  1. Eucon essentially works with protools in the same way that my generic controllers work with nuendo. But smarter
  2. Eucon gives me “slip” functions in PT audio regions, just like Nuendo has natively ( always a huge reason why I hated editing on protools) It also gives me jog wheel trimming and zooming in both platforms which is something missing in the mackie set up.
  3. Eucon and several hours of programming will give me a controller where the same buttons do the exact same functions in protools and nuendo. To me this just means more cash more often.

Big time bummer that the Avids don’t follow the nuendo mixer. Sounds like one of those functions that the two companies will ping back and forth and never do anything about it. The ultimate goal is to work fast with a low overhead, save up for a system 5mc.

I’m still on the fence though, since i’m forced to work with the mackie in this condition, I may just get used to it.

If you select a track in Nuendo, either in the edit window or on the mixer… will the track on the control/mix also be selected?

Is it possible to jump to selected faders? or do you have to bank though all the time?


Selecting a track in the DAW selects the track on the surface depending on your settings (in both Nuendo and PT).

So I have an AVID control on it’s way…

And my Mackie’s backlight just came back to life when I turned it on this morning. :laughing:

At least I can write it off on my taxes, probably a smart move anyway.

EuCon aware applications take everything to another level :slight_smile:


I’ve been using the transport with N32 while I dialog edit. very cool. I’ve programmed a few things which was easy and the MC should show up at some point this afternoon. I’m excited.

It will be a slow switch over but when you attache the risers… the avid units actually fit right on top of the mackies cause the legs are skinny enough to sit between the faders…

I am a flight simulator dork also… hello Avid MC autopilot :slight_smile:


Hi Jesse,

thanks for your detailed report, I appreciated it.
So you’re in use of your avids now. Cause I’m also getting more and more into pt-based jobs, I’m also thinking about switching the controller to get more access to both - Nuendo And PT. I’ve tried to inform a bit deeper on Avids Euphonix-Site, but there is no further description of Nuendo features, but to be honest I did not expect that from Avid. So would you recommend a switch to avid controllers? And is the transport-unit worth buying it? And onw more question: How is the feeling of faders - compared to the mackie?


Eucon gives me “slip” functions in PT audio regions

  • You can slip in pt natively - but with limitations. As far as I now it’s just possible via shortcut (Start +/-), and it’s just nudging the entered value.

Yeah I know we could slip before… but compared to nuendo it’s like try to do it with your feet. Zzzzz

faders feel pretty good, about the same really. they play back smoother and though I’ve read about noisey faders, mine are very quiet on my MC control.

I would recommend moving to avid controllers but you definitely are going to want more than 4 faders so don’t bother until you can get a control and at least one mix at the same time. Right now I just have the control and transport… trust me I’m feeling very temporary right now. I’m spending the time learning it while editing on 32bit. I’m waiting for 64bit support… hopefully this will happen around the time I can afford a couple mc mix’s. For now I’m using the control and the transport for editing, I don’t think the limited faders is usable for serious mixing. And I’ll continue to use the mackies for that for a while.

Transport is worth getting I guess but I wouldn’t set it’s a must have. It adds flexibility and detailing… one example is, you can set up a single button to tell both of the wheel to slip the audio in the region… you can set the wheel on the transport to do big moves and the wheel on the control to do little moves. (requires some programming). The control has a notched wheel that I like for small frame moves. The transport wheel is more weighty and spins freely. I really like it for clip gain. I’d always used the mouse wheel for this, 1db at a time. The transport wheel uses 0.1db increments… very cool. If you like to tweek and customize like I do, go for it cause it has a zillion uses.

The app sets that eucon ships with are great, but they take as much time to learn as if you were using a brand new DAW. Currently, I’m building a custom app set for N5, when it’s finished, I will port it over to protools and use the identical lay out. I’ll just change the commands to do the protools equivalent. It’s very uncomfortable right now to not be fast on it… but the light at the end of the tunnel is that I’ll be faster, on anything. $$$$

Every single nuendo command that is available in the keycommands list can be assign to a button via eucon. You can assign to a touchscreen button or a hardware button, or both. All buttons can carry key strokes or strings of keystrokes. All buttons can carry surface commands like jumping to a new page of buttons. All buttons can carry combinations of all the above. For example… I have a mixer button… it opens my mixer, and goes to a page full of mixer functions like show/hide, inserts,eqs, edit channel settings. On that page there is a close mixer button that also takes me back to the previous page. You can totally design your own star trek computer and it’s very cool. I just finished designing a QWERTY keyboard page including modifiers. My goal is to eliminate the keyboard all together so it does not have to be in front of me.

Touch screen visual surround panner with access to everything on the v5 panner. Including reset sort of, when you click down on a knob it resets to default on whatever it’s controlling. I’ve confirmed it in protools cptk also. controls are a little different but it’s the same thing. I had always been bothered by the fact that I couldn’t access the panner with midi controls other than x and y axis… this solves that.

Quick access to quick controls, All 8 are on the same page and are independent of your touchscreen buttons or menu system. It would be cool if the new right/click quick control features that are coming were eucon assignable too… meaning, I can have a softkey that says… assign QC1. and whatever I’m hovering over is now QC1. I’m not going to hold my breath for that though lol.

quick access to tracks - taking some getting used to. on the front page of the screen there is a rep of all the tracks in your session, you can select them by touching them and the faders jump to it. Be aware though that it does NOT behave like the MC pro where you can put any channel on any fader… that is doable but it is not a fast task.

you can select, access and remove insert plugs right from the surface. Clicking down on the knob brings the plug in on the screen, pressing the back menu button will close the plug in. Quick and smart.

You can select and control all routing and levels of sends as well as direct routing and group channels.

you have access to the nuendo EQ’s also.

Plug in parameters can not be customized, you have to page through them all the functions are abbreviated. A multi function plug like izotope alloy is almost unusable because of this. I already own a Novation SL zero which is just about as wide as the MC control, I use this to handle plugins because I can customize the parameter layout. But using the mc to open and close the plugs - which in turn get read by automap on the novation… it’s pretty seamless. I’m putting the novation behind the MC and will be drilling a hole in the novations case to make room for the CAT5 coming out of the MC.

The fact that the faders do not respond to custom mixer views in Nuendo SUCKS. You can set up mixer views on the surface but you have to do a lot of set up. Pointless for me right now with only 4 faders. The mackie system is still hooked up and I don’t have 64bit support yet anyway, but I’m still trying to figure out how this will impact my workflow which was heavily dependent on the mixer views and mackies ability to control them.

Protools Eucon support is minimal. the majority of the app set is firing off key commands. Consider this, the default neundo app set has 84 pages on the touchscreen alone. Protools has 24. Not a deal breaker and it’s better than nothing. I’m sure the eucon coverage will get better with more PT updates.

If you have any other questions, shoot

Eucon Adaptor for N5.5 64bit is working so far :slight_smile:

Thank you for your very detailed overview!! It really gave me a feeling of what is possible with eucon in N5.
Great to hear that all surroundpanner-parameters are controllable, and that the faders seem to feel better compared to the first version of the mc.

Missing mixer-views is not that important for me, I got used to bank through my sessions very fast. I once also programmed a few mixerviews in my def-session, and made them controllable via the bank group switches on the mackie, but in fact I just didn’t use them.
Not being able to customize plugin-control, is indeed very disappointing…

If you don´t mind, I have one single last question, I also asked you this concerning automap: Is it possible to control offline-plugins via eucon?

Once again, thank you for your help!

No you can not control offline plugs with it.

What you CAN do… create a page of softkeys that will process the plugs… like an EQ page that has all my favorite eq’s. touch the button and the offline process window pops up… novation recognizes it… make your settings on that…

You can have another button on the pace for “enter” to process it… done.

You can have another button for opening up the offline process history…

It’s pretty awesome… but I still say go with the novation for offline stuff… it’s way cheaper than the avid’s