Question for Lillie Harris

A short while ago I was looking for a way to add text frames to parts as the ones in the score don’t show in the parts. I thought I read in one of your replies in another post that it was possible to convert a graphic into text, or am I misremembering?


I don’t think in the context of frames it’s possible to convert a graphics frame into text, no.

But to answer the crux of your question:

By default, parts and scores use 2 different page template sets: “Default Part” and “Default Full Score”. Editing a page template in one set won’t affect any page templates in the other. However, you can transfer page templates between sets if you want to.

Depending on how many changes you put into your score page template, it might be simplest just to recreate those changes on the corresponding page template in the part set. (Here are the key differences between the two sets) If you created paragraph styles for any bespoke formatting of these text frames, for example, that will make it even easier to recreate.

Thanks for the reply, I will play around with it and see what happens