Question for Logic Pro X and Cubase users

Logic Pro X has a feature that if turned on, you are in the key editor and you can play notes on the MIDI piano and they will show up in the event, with a predetermined length that can be adjusted somewhere.

If that is turned on, this happens even if you’re not recording. It seems to be called just “MIDI in” and it can be useful at times:

When I switched to Cubase back in March I never found it, and since I don’t use it all the time, I mostly forgot about it. But does it exist in Cubase in some shape or form? I searched the manual and didn’t find anything, same thing online, where typing both DAWs mostly yields comparisons and wars.

To be clear, this is something that when enabled, you’re not recording in the normal way. The cursor is static, but you play a note or chord in the MIDI piano, and it gets recorded in the key editor, and the cursor moves to right after it. Then you play another note or chord on the MIDI piano, and that gets recorded in the key editor, always with the predetermined length. It’s like a way to record but at your pace, very useful if you’re a beginner and you have a note progression that is too fast for your current speed, so you just want to lay it down without anything rushing you.

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Hi Sebastian. I guess you are talking about what Cubase calls “Step Input”?


That’s the one, thanks!