Question for Mac Users

Hey guys, I’m a Windows user and everytime i considered switching to Mac, I always managed to dispell the idea completely when looking at the beautiful, powerful and yet expensive Macs. And that is, where’s the Num pad? I’m aware you can buy a separate Num pad but that’s besides the point. My question is how do you get around it, because honestly i don’t know how to work with Dorico (or Cubase for that mater), without it…

Yes, there is no numpad on the laptops. However, Dorico has been designed to work with a ‘short’ keyboard, so you’re not missing any functionality: you can use the top row numbers for duration; you now have double-tap for dotting. Most other commands/notations require using stuff on the main keys. (TBH, even with a numpad, I don’t use the non-numerics much at all.)

There are plenty of other methods:

  • There’s the note durations on the virtual keyboard panel.

  • There are commands to ‘gear shift’ up and down the durations, which you can assign keys to.

  • You can always re-assign key shortcuts.

But, if you’re planning to use a laptop on your desk with an external display, then a full-size keyboard will certainly serve you well. If you buy a Mini or Studio, then you have to add a keyboard of your choice to it anyway.

What is this, the 90s? :rofl: Yes, they’re not cheap; but an MBP isn’t a $299 Acer. Comparably specced HPs, Dells, and MS laptops will similarly cost you x000s of £$€. There is of course a much greater variety of spec for Windows laptops.

I actually prefer the small wireless keyboard for desktop, even though I own also the long keyboard. Everything is just a bit closer and the keyboard is not as wide on the desk - for some reason with the smaller keyboard it is easier for me to find and ergonomic position.

If you’re gonna be using Dorico with NP4PE with BBCSO Pro. You’re not gonna be looking at a 16gb RAM 1tb ROM Mac that costs around 1000$.
So yes. expensive.:slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t understand. Are you planning on using BBC SO Pro? Whatever platform, you’d need 32Gb of RAM – more if you can get it – and plenty of storage. And that’s going to cost, either way.

If your uses are more modest, then you can still run Dorico on an entry level MBA or Mini.

I wasn’t aware of this possibility which could make my input easier. Are you talking about the following?

I have 2 problems with it:

  • seems I can’t assign them to numpad keys (tried Num1 and Num2)
  • assigned them to other keys, but they only seem to go one level up or down (during note input). Pressing twice or more doesn’t help to go beyond.

Well you can upgrade your hardware with windows without having to be stuck with a system that you cant upgrade at some point.
Thats the major problem with Apple.
I’m not nocking thier products, on the contrary i respect the level of consistency in performance and longevity. My dad still has a working MBP 2. He doesn’t use it much but it still packs a punch! (By which i mean still launches after 10+years!)

That’s not universally true. There are plenty of Windows laptops with soldered RAM and storage. Dell XPS and HP Envy, for instance. Surface Pros have soldered RAM.

Sorry: this only works with Tablature. My mistake.