Question for Mackie MCU Pro users

I am considering getting one of these since I can’t currently afford a Nuage (that is a sexy beast!).


Can I have my VST plugins mapped so that for example every time I open a Fabfilter Pro-C then the same MCU knobs are always assigned to the same parameters? And then when I switch to an EQ, the parameters all all mapped to that? Can I create that mapping to be the way I want it to be or is it only self assigned?

Is it easy to select a track, navigate to the insert, insert an effect, dial in the effect, and then exit out of that track?

Thanks so much!


I’m sorry, this is not possible. The V-Ports parameters don’t assign dynamically to the currently open/active plug-in. The parameters are assigned to the plug-in in the dedicated plug-in slot. Like Track 12, slot 3. The plug-in GUI could be closed, and you can edit the parameters on this plug-in.

You cannot assign V-pots to parameters freely. It’s hard-coded by the plug-in vendor.

To reach the parameter you want to edit, select the Insert plug-in display (if you are not already there). Select the track. Then select wanted Insert effect (by using 8 V-Pots), and then you can already see first 8 parameters. If the parameter is not displayed, use Page > to find it.

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You can use the Remote Control Editors Standard Layout to remap a Plugins parameters freely to vpots in pages of 8 each, however you like.
But the MCU does not follow the currently focused plugin instance, you need to select it with the MCU. Have a look into the Remote Control manual.

Personally I find when editing VST’s it’s easier to use the mouse if you feel you are going to just make a few simple quick adjustments. But if I feel I might be adjusting multiple parameters for a while, then I use the controller.

While Martin is correct, I would like to add a couple draw backs to any MCU protocol controller. Don’t misunderstand me I do like mine. But be aware of the following couple aspects, to my understanding at least, that apply to any MCU protocol.

The 2 biggest drawbacks:

  1. While Cubase follows the slider you touch on the MCU protocol controller (for example with MCU, touch slider 15 then touch slider 2, those are reflected correctly in Cubase. But the opposite is not true. (for example in Cubase touch slider 2. That is correctly reflected by the MCU controller. But unfortunately if you touch slider 15 the MCU does not automatically shift to the next bank. You have to make the manual shift yourself. IMO this is a huge drawback. If you went from channel 1 to channel 64, you are going to have to manually press bank shift 8 times. That for me is a workflow killer.

  2. The track character limit I believe is 7 characters. But that is if you want your names to look crammed together and difficult trying to read. So the real limit, assuming you want a blank space between each track so it’s readable, is 5 characters. You can have 6 or even 7 if the next track name is very short, but on average about 5 characters if you want to make the scribble strip readable.

Also, keep in mind that you will most likely have to edit all these parameters in the remote control editor because they usually come with more than 5 characters. But once you have edited them, you are good to go from that point on.

Thanks for the replies guys. I understand the workflow a bit better now.

You can use the Remote Control Editors Standard Layout to remap a Plugins parameters freely to vpots in pages of 8 each, however you like.

So, does that mean that if I assign the 8 V-pots to be mapped a certain way in Fabfilter Pro-C2 (for example) that then every time I open an instance of that plugin and navigate to it with the V-pots that then that new instance will be properly mapped?

if so, that workflow doesn’t sound too bad.