Question for NI komplete 7 and C6 users...

i am looking at getting into the world of VSTi’s some more. i am a guitar player so keyboards are not my thing. i would like to learn more for myself and also have more available for clients in the studio. i have Piano Teq, BFD2 (which i use frequently) and have used a few others at times like B4, minimoog, etc.
what do you think of Komplete 7? how do the quality of the sounds and the ‘feel’ of the instruments compare to other sound packs out there? i am mainly interested in organs, vintage keys, string sounds for accompaniments, and some aurtherial sounds. i guess i am saying would Komplete 7 cover these bases well with good quality or would i be better off getting something else?
also, how is the compatibility with C6? i need stability as much as quality sounds.


Aloha dean,

I haven’t received C6 yet but I love my ni stuff.
Sounds are fat and full (if you want that) or clean and bright.
The ‘feel’ of ni stuff is kind of ‘geeky’ but it’s kool.

but you also said:

and also have more available for clients in the studio.

get as many every different types of (stable stuff; no cracks) sound sources as you can.
I use stuff from many different developers.
Add lots of different colours to your pallet; spend a lil time getting to know them.
You can never tell what a client might like.


Thanks for the response.
If I might enquire, which NI sounds do you use a lot and what are some other sounds/ companies you like?

Komplete 7 is fantastic. I’ve been using Kontakt since version 1 by the way.
The collection of instruments and tool is pretty stunning. Plus you can keep getting new libraries, anything you need is out there. Komplete 7 comes with a great selection of organs, including virtual drawbars and everything as well as the bass library. Everything runs great. There are two plugins that still aren’t 64-bit, the rest are, those being Reaktor and the Kore Player. The Kore Player seems fine, Reaktor can be a little iffy depending on what you’re doing with it (it’s an intense piece of software in its own right). In any case, you won’t find a better deal for that big a collection of cool sounds.