Question for Nuendo and Cinematic Rooms Pro users

Just trying to dip my toe into Dolby Atmos mixing in Nuendo, and I own Cinematic Rooms Pro, which is designed for Atmos and surround formats, but I can’t quite figure out the setup for it.

When using it in stereo mixes I normally put it in its own FX bus, or even in the stereo out bus, right before Ozone 11. But in the Atmos mix I tried to put it in the Renderer bus and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t even let me select the Atmos option in the plugin.

Then I tried other things, but the best I could get was reverb in the 5.1 channels but not in the two Atmos channels.

I watched a video on YouTube, but I thought I’d rather ask here to see if maybe there are any pros using Nuendo with this plugin and know the actual correct way to use it with all the channels enabled.

Basically, you create a 7.1.4 or higher FX track (depending on your Atmos configuration) and send your sends to this track. Cinematic rooms will display the channels in pairs. I use 4 or 5 reverbs in this way. As far as I’m concerned, the audio tracks (mostly stereo) are routed to 7.1.4 groups, which also receive the 7.1.4 reverb tracks. This group is then routed to the renderer.

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Thanks so much for your reply. You say create a 7.1.4 or higher FX track. Now, what I’m trying to do is to make an Atmos 5.1.2 mix, because that is what I can more or less monitor while I mix (using a Qudelix T71 DAC that has 7.1 channels with the channel names), and after I render the ADM and go through AWS to convert it to an Atmos encoded video, I can play it back and decode it properly in my home theater, which is a 5.1.2.

So in the setup assistant I choose these settings:

I find it a bit strange that under main mix I can choose 5.1.2, but under “bed channel configuration” I can only choose two formats that resemble Atmos, 7.0.2 and 7.1.2. The template Atmos project comes set to 7.1.4, but that’s a speaker setup that I don’t have and probably never will.

Are my assumptions wrong about this?

Atmos has 128 objects which includes 118 dynamic objects and 10 beds . Think of the 10 7.1.2 beds as dedicated channel, its fixed. The 1 of 7.1.2 is the sub and 2 are top. 7.0.2 is without sub.
The dynamic objects are floating that is its channel independent. The objects technically ‘ consists of audio stream that is sent directly to the Dolby Atmos Renderer and includes metadata info related to transport and panning*
Being channel independent they can be monitored and rendered on the fly to stereo, 5.1, 7.1, 5.1.4, 7.1.4, 9.1.6. Upto 24.1 array but there is no exact limits.

No sub? Who would think of such an atrocity? I want to hear my Taikos shake the whole house, even better if I live in an apartment complex! :rofl:

Just kidding, I knew what the .1.2 stood for, just seemed a bit odd. But there are so many odd channel configurations in Nuendo that I have to assume I’m not familiar with all of them.

So if I understand you correctly, I should probably just setup the project to 7.1.4 and then just set the Dolby Renderer plugin to 5.1.2, correct?

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Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perfect, thanks!

So I just tried this setup and it doesn’t work for me. It does something really weird actually. If I solo the FX track with C. Rooms, it only plays the tracks set as objects, nothing else. Previously I had selected all the tracks and made sends for the new FX track (I tried creating it both as an FX track and as a group track and then adding C. Rooms as an insert, both gave me the same result).

But not only it plays only the object tracks, but also, it doesn’t apply any reverb at all. You know how CR has that annoying thing of having the Dry/Wet Mix all the way to Wet by default? Well, in this case it’s the same, but even with it all the way to wet it doesn’t apply any reverb. Even if I turn the reverb time all the way to infinity, there’s no difference.

What seems to work, and this is something I have to do more testing on, is something I got from a YouTube and a guy that seems to know his stuff really well, is setting up the FX or group track as an object:

But it’s weird, because I’m not getting any levels from the object channels in the mixer. So I don’t know if this is the absolute right way.