Question for Soundcloud users

I guess there’s quite a lot of you out there…

I’m on the point of setting up an account, seeing as C6.5 is steering me in that direction and it seems a very popular site. My question is about whether or not you can organise my tracks by bands - there are a couple I’d like to keep separate, both mine. I don’t suppose I’ll be allowed to set up two free accounts so has anyone been in this position? I know there are playlists you can set up, which sounds like they might help, but do visitors get to see them rather than the original order?

I’ve been around the SC site, not seen anything that answers the question, although I might have missed it, and I don’t seem to be able to get help unless I already have an account, which I don’t want to set up until I’ve decided to go ahead.

Hope you understand what I’m rattling on about.


you can create “sets”. These sets are nothing else than playlists.
As to my knowledge Soundcloud will show all sets you’ve created on your site.

Sure you can create a second account. All you need for this is a second e-mail address and of course a different artist/project name…

Have a good one

Don’t think sets will help in this way if you have many tracks. Since there don’t seem to be special benefits like trials or anything, I think setting up a new account would be helpful for you and okay with the team at Souncloud.
You’ll love Soundcloud, it’s awesome. :wink:

Thanks for the replies. I suppose there’s only one way to find out, eh? Don’t let that put off any further contributions…