Question for the Cubase gurus about Eucon


I’m currently building a big Cubase Template for Avid Artist series (Eucon).

This project includes :

  • about 350 pages of commands (some are redundant but give a better navigation experience)
  • more than 700 personalised icons
  • a special designed Eucon font inspired by the Apple Casual font + special included signs
  • reserved pages for user’s Macros, Presets and Favorites
  • facilities to organise your offline plugins processes (everything is designed for the basic Cubase Plugins set but you can expand the plugins menues with your own plugins)
    Everything is organised logically to suite Cubase general workflow and there are many shortcuts and menues pages.

For now, everything is in French but I may translate this project in English in a few weeks if some are interested.

I found some Eucon functions that do not correspond to any Cubase Key Command :

System \ Solo Mode
System \ Solo Sum
System \ Sum Select
System \ Track Knobset Changes

Do you have an idea about these functions ? Any help will be great.