Question for the Post Community

Hi Guys,

Is there a device that you are using to send video wirelessly to your booths for doing ADR? I have been using V-control pro and selecting the video window, maximizing it on the ipad on a stand where the script is. The trouble I always have is sync for me. There is a tiny lag to the video going to the booth so I have to offset the signal from the talent for listening/viewing in sync on my end. It makes preview on my end a little difficult as the audio coming from the talent is out of sync with feed in the CR. I get around it by adding an aux for my cue and sample offset the audio.

That is how I have been doing it. I know it is far from ideal, but it has worked ok for a while. Just looking for a better solution.


Split the video output (cheap using hdmi) to two screens.
Simple and effective. Using a iPad to show video for ADR is not a very pro solution IMHO. But in a pinch perhaps still a useful option.

I don’t have an HDMI out.