Question from a newby re StepPolyArp and Cubasis

Hi All,

I have recently discovered Cubasis, am yet to buy it but definitely will be. I used to use cubase on a PC up until 10 years ago when I drifted away from producing and DJing. It occurred to me today that since the advent of iPads etc the technology would have evolved to utilise the new hardware available now. Hey presto I stumbled upon Cubasis which seems to be able to do everything I could do on a PC 10 years ago, amazing really.

Anyway, my question is can the StepPolyArp App be used in conjunction with Cubasis, for instance could I use an arpeggio generated in StepPolyArp to control sounds in micrologue? Or can anyone recommend an arpeggio app that is better than StepPolyArp?

Also I have an ipad Air, has anyone seen Cubasis in action on an ipad Air? I’d like to know that it functions as well as it does on previous models. If not I’ll just have to wait for an update.

Any help with this would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

Hi Jim78
I can highly recommend StepPolyArp and I use it all the time with Cubasis. I am using them both on an IPad Air128.
To get around the inherent Midi clock sync problems I use Midibridge as a local host and just connect SPA to Cubasis.
You can even use SPA through Audiobus to control an IAA app in Cubasis.Again StepPolyArp goes way beyond being a simple arpeggiator and the Dev is very helpful and responsive. Definitely a 5 star app!

Great, thanks for that Jomazz, your help is much appreciated