QUESTION: Go to last track?

Before I make a ‘request’ I want to make sure I haven’t overlooked something.

One of -the- most common ‘errors’ I’ll make is having the Project Synced to the MixConsole.


  1. I’ll be playing editing MIDI with a MIDI track selected which targets a VSTi.

  2. At the same time I move a panner or other object in MixConsole.

  3. And this, of course, moves the selected track to the audio panner track for the VSTi.


What I want is an ‘undo’… a way to instantly put me back on the place I -was- (the MIDI track).



Sorry, not possible.

But I agree, it might be useful to have an option to go back in the history of selected objects. Similar to the IDEs for the developers, where you can go back in the history to the lines (and files).

Nice Feature Request from my point of view.