[Question] How to change the pan of many in one time ?

How to change the pan of many in one time ?

Each time i have to edit each track, it’s boring… :frowning:

You could use the panner on the master bus in the mixer! :bulb: If you want to do it all.

No. Some time i just want to fine tune 4 of my all track for example. Master will pan all the tracks. :confused:

How about using Group channels? That’s the way we did it in The Old Times™ if we needed to change something in multiple tracks at once: routed the audio to the subgroup on our console.

Jarno’s way will probably be the most appealing. You could also assign the pan parameter to the same Quick Control number of each track. Then, providing you have a MIDI controller and you have set it up to control the Quick Controls, just select the 4 tracks that you want to pan, and tweak. Probably not the best way but there’s another option for you.

Thanks for your answer guys.

The pan is one of my need, and sure i can use group. But sometime for example i also wanna change all the color of a bunch of tracks in one time and… i have to click click on each tracks. Same if for example i wanna change 7 tracks from group 1 to group 2, i have to click on each tracks even if i can make a selection on the 7 tracks, Cubase only change the parameter on the … first track selected. Disapointing.

The point here is that cubase seem’s to be not capable to make multiselection settings, and it’s sound strange for a “professionnal” production software. Anyway, maybe it’s me, i didn’t find the right setting. Maybe not.

You can change output of several tracks at once. Just hold down the SHIFT key while clicking the Group name you want to route tracks to.

Thanks for this tips its work. But only for the group ; )

FR: ok. we need more grouping options (mixer)… (!)