[Question] How to drop the "Copy of" when you duplicate ?

I also agree. Why not give it a name that describes what it actually is? Cubase would have to guess what the user intends to name it, eventually, which, of course, would have no chance of being correct.

When i make some tests on on my takes, i have to set each time :

. The group for the track, example, guitars (ok, now with the Alt Maj i can set it easlly for a bunch of track).
. The Comments where i wrote the settings of the take.
. Sometime i make the takes on two tracks (for guitars for example), and i push the Pan on 100%L for one, 100% right for the other
. I name my take by the mic name distance

It’s why i use duplicate instead of adding new track. And the “copy of” if useless in this way of use. If i let them, i will only see something like “copy of copy copy og…”.

Fair thoughts! :slight_smile:

I’ve found another trick :

When you put a track in a folder, if you duplicate the folder, tracks inside arn’t modified, Only the folder get the dirty copy of.

another way to quickly rename “copy of…” tracks: put all the tracks in a folder track - doubleclick the folder track to enter a new name, then hold SHIFT while hitting RET, and all tracks in this folder will have the same name.