[Question] How to duplicate X time a track with settings ?

I often redirect the tracks by groups : All my basse tack goes into the Bass Group. Often, i will make 5 ou more take and each time it’s so boring to take the last track, click on duplicate,…

Is there a way to multiply a track from a given one ?

(I’ve try with preconfigured track, but it’s do nothing (super!), no group routing, no panning are kept. Useless…)

(My question is about how to duplicate track with their settings)

Select track > r-click > duplicate tracks.

You can also set a KC for this.


Please read my question, before answering wrong, i wantot duplicate in one click a track x time…

I found a trick in my other post. Not hte solution but a beginning : a drag and drop of an existing take, with Alt pressed.

Please don’t be a total jackarse. I did not answer wrong. I was trying to help you. But instead of appreciating that, you come back with the response of an idiot.

How about, “thanks for the response, but I am looking to do somethign else”?

Your English skills in your first post were that of a third grader, making it difficult to understand what you were saying.

Maybe you should try improving on things like All my basse tack… and but it’s do nothing (super!), , and as well being clear about what you are looking to do, before telling someone they read the question wrong. Don’t go ragging someone else for trying to be of assistance, when it’s you who did a crappy job posting to begin with.

Sorry Jeff.

Maybe the OP should RTFM and watch all the vids before posting so many stupid questions. :wink:

I’m telling you, they’re crawling out of the woodwork lately. :laughing:

The OP ?

Save the settings as presets and open (not duplicate) new tracks with the preset?