Question: How to import a REX loop into Groove Agent One?


I have imported a REX loop into the pool, placed it on an audio track, and it plays well.

Now I want to play with the material, quantize it, play it polyphonic, and therefore wish to import the whole loop into a sample player, so I thought about Groove Agent One. I read the manual, opened the loop in the part editor, selected all slices, and dragged them all together to a Groove Agent Pad while pressing the Shift Key.
Nothing happens. What should I do? Is there another way to load the loop into the sampler and generate a midi part that triggers it properly? Am I using the wrong sampler? Should I convert the loop to something different before trying?

Perhaps anyone has already done this?

Thanks in advance

I don’t think it’s possible. It would be useful though…

I don’t use rex files anymore but I routinely chop up beats in Nuendo and load them into GA1 and then use the resulting midi file for playback. In fact I did this just 2 hours ago.

Try it without pressing the shift key while you drag and drop.
That is how it works in Nuendo with Nek. Should be the same in Cubase.
I have never tried this with Rex files though, only beats that I chopped up myself.

This should work for REX files: