Question: is there a way to add addition note interval using mouse?

Hi. I couldn’t find any way to:

  1. move existing note upper or lower using mouse. I saw a post from Daniel where he said they allow it only in play mode to avoid accidents of moving notes unintentionally - what I would like to suggest is to allow moving the selected note using ctrl+drag mouse up down - then it will intentionally move the selected note up/down freely and suite all needs of note editing via mouse without accidents problems.
  2. what I didn’t find in any youtube tutorial, help nor forums is: how to add addition note above or below existing note in write mode using mouse.
    If I added note C via mouse then I want to add 3rd Major interval E above the C using mouse it just moving the C to be E.
    I need an option to allow adding the additional note E above C via mouse without having to press shift+i then 3 then Enter each time I want to add the interval note.
    I couldn’t find that in the key commands list neither.
    My suggestion is to add additional key command alt+mouse click to add the desired note when pressed.
    If not exist - I really hope you will add these mouse entry functionalities to allow better flow while writing or editing via mouse.

You can add a new note to an existing note using the mouse by first engaging chord mode in the notes toolbox (shortcut Q for “quord”).

Great! thanks Daniel for your fast reply. Happy to find there is a way to add the extra note easily.
Hope you like the first suggestion as well regarding moving note with the mouse while holding a key (like ctrl or shift) to avoid accidents but stay flexible when editing is needed fast

Hi, Sorry to bother again - the solution of pressing “Q” doesn’t seem to work for me.
I’m trying to add additional note above/below the note I already wrote but when pressing “Q” it just gives me a popup Chord (C7…) without letting me add the additional note via mouse

Press lower-case “q” to enable chord/quord mode, not Shift-Q.

Oops. Thanks! :wink: