[Question/ Issue] Recording with PreRoll & RangeTool

i’m on a TRAIL N6.5 version yet. I come from a PT 11.3.1 System, so i want to see if N6.5(N7) will do it for my workflow.

I just want to record 1 track (say a narrator) to a fully blown TV Mix session. 50 - 60 Tracks of Dialog, Spot Fx, Music Busses lots and so on… Not that much plugins, most stuff gets routed to busses which handel the realtime processing. DSP Meter around 30%, Asio Guard is ON.
I’m used to have at least 4 seconds of preroll for the narrator, so they can hear their last words to punch in.

What i noticed:
I usually use the RANGE TOOL to trim, cut, edit, nudge stuff during the recording of a new take. Sometimes i do this during the PREROLL phase of the recording.
BUT, i always see that the recording ready disarms in the transportwindow and won’t RECORD ANYTHING when i edit anything during the PREROLL phase. This looks like a BUG in N6.5, because It won’t disarm the recording if i wait till the recording actually really happend. Is this behaviour still present in N7?
Another thing, this just hapend when i use the RAGE TOOL, if it just use the ARROW TOOL and drag, slide, trim everything is fine. Can someone confirm this behavior?


Can someone reproduce this issue ?

Just record something and during preroll start editing with the range tool - cut/edit/nudge … check if the record in the transport window disarms and stays on PLAY ONLEY…