Question: Key Command to switch tabs in Visibility or Sends?

In case I missed something, are there -any- keycommands for switching between the lower tabs in various sidebars (like Visibility with Zones or Sends)


Window Zones > Show Previous/Next Tab: Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Left/Right

Cool. That works for the -top- tabs. However… I didn’t realise that even worked because in Windows 10, there is this ‘rotate desktop’ function that hijacks Ctrl-Alt-Left and Ctrl-Alt-Right. You have to disable that for this to work.

Now… what about the lower tabs (at the bottom) eg. at the left Zone in MixConsole, is there a way to toggle those?


Actually to me it works for both, the top and bottom. The sequence for the Project’s window Inspector is:

  • Inspector - Track
  • Inspector - Editor
  • Visibility - Track
  • Visibility - Editor

In the MixConsole, the sequence is:

  • Visibility - Channel
  • Visibility - Zones
  • History
  • Snapshots

OK, I think I figured it out. Thanks. It works, but at the risk of sounding ungrateful, it’s a bit clunky… perhaps there are other details I’m missing.

  1. Problem #1… It doesn’t ‘cycle back’. ie repeatedly hitting Ctrl-Alt-Right just -stops-. It -should- cycle around to the first tab in the sequence. To get back, you have to Ctrl-Alt-Left a bunch of times.

  2. For whatever reason, it seems like if you hit Ctrl-Alt-Right enough times it activates the Lower Zone. BAD.

  3. And finally… (and this is the biggee) is there a way to simply -select- the Left Zone (or the Send panel in the Audio Channel Editor)? It seems like the only ways to ‘activate’ those tabs is either by:
    a) Using the mouse (BAD) or
    b) Hitting Ctrl-Alt-L and turning the left zone off then on again.



Could you attach a screenshot, please? I can’t reproduce it here on my side.

You are right. You can make a macro:

- 2x On/Off Left Zone

to close it and reopen it.