Question: Locating Overloads

This is kinda maddening. From time to time, I’ll see a red overload in the master of a song. -Usually- it appears after scrubbing; ie. I’ll rewind a few bars during playback.

But then I hit ‘Stop’ and reset the meter and play through the section and… no overload.

So… have others experienced this… ie. is it a ‘bug’?

OR, is there a way to tell exactly WHERE in the song the overload is occurring?

A lot of my songs are 20+ minutes long so auditioning the entire thing just to find the odd peak that may (or may not) be there is a real PITA.




I think, this is not a bug. When scrubbing, you are playing different signal, in fact. Could be, that there is a peak in this specific “playback mode”, and not in the common mode.

The way, how to detect a peak is to export the Micdown, and then analyse the file for the peaks.