QUESTION: Memorise Listen States Macro?

Is there a way for Cubase to ‘memorise’ Listen states?

Before recording, I’ll do the following:

  1. Activate ‘Listen’ on say 4 key tracks.

  2. De-activate Plug-in Compensation

I then record

I then enable Plug-In Compensation, turn off Listen and play back. Then of course I do another overdub. And then I have to re-activate each Listen button.

So… Is there a way for Cubase to ‘memorize’ the last Listen states?

I’d like to create a macro to speed up this process, but I can’t because, of course, the channels I want to enable ‘Listen’ on will change depending on what I’m recording.





I’m afraid, you have to define the tracks, which should be in the Listen Mode “manualy”. I could imagine something semi-automatic. Like “if the track is selected”, or “if the track is Record Enabled”.

Then there could be a Macro with Logical Editor combination.