QUESTION: Muted Track Visibility, Mute States

You;d think I’d know this after twenty years.

  1. I thought that the yellow [M] ute states light would turn off once you had removed all muted tracks. But it doesn’t seem to. Isn’t it supposed to? I kept searching and searching for a hidden muted track I could never find.

  2. Is there a way to make visible ONLY Tracks which are muted? (Yes, I looked in PLE. There’s a Delete macro, but not a ‘visibility’ macro. Unless I missed something?)



The Logical has turn on named tracks so I guess its possible…I would just hack that preset as it will give an answer either way

Is that what you meant?

  1. Apparently, the Deactivate All Muted States toolbar button works as expected, here. Check eventually in the FX subfolder : it happened to me that a track in it that was previously set as muted was left in that state, even after having used this toolbar button.

  2. Unless I’m missing something, this work with the PLE, if you want only the muted tracks left visible :