Question: Networking with oneself?

So if I’m understanding this networking stuff correctly, it allows for easier interchange of tracks between different engineers on different computers. But it is limited to edits and does not contain automation.

Is that correct?

So I’m about to test Nuendo 5.5 on a project that’s small enough to be done by one person, yet large enough to warrant separate projects, i.e one for Dialog Edit, one for FX edit/design, etc.

Is it possible to set up a “master mix” project on my computer, with “stem-tracks” for the above, and then have those projects have the very same tracks, and simply use the “auto-sync” (or whatever it’s called) to update the master? This way, I’d be able to keep the tasks separate, and keep the sync simple.

Or, another way of explaining it:

  1. I do the individual tasks in individual projects, edit the sfx in the sfx edit project, dialog in the dialog edit project, etc. I record back onto tracks the finished edit.

  2. I switch to and activate the full mix project, and the stem tracks are updated (from individual projects in step 1)

  3. I need to fix some fx, swap to that project, do the fix, record it back to the track…
    and switch back to full mix where it is automatically updated with that latest fix…

    Possible? Idiotic?..

I’ve often done seperate sessions for Dialog, SFX, Atmos and Foley.
Then I just track export and bring it all into the mix session, putting everything in folders. Sure, I could edit all in the same session, but I just like the “feel” of the smaller sessions when editing.
Once in mix mode, the larger sessions don’t bother me.
And, since ALL the info is in the session, I can do little fixups directly on the sections if necessary.
I just use auxes for the “stems” and mix from there.

A further trick you can do - but it takes up more memory (not a problem if you have loads of it) is (at least on a mac) running a number of copies of nuendo at the same time, and hooking them up via VST system link. I’ve done it with two as a way of running two different videos at the same time, but I could also see it working for running your different sessions in sync with each other.

However, I have not tried exactly what you have described… I’ll need to think about it / try some stuff out.

I’m all for interesting / trying different workflows, but I don’t see the advantage of working in the way you describe over say track exporting and working all in one project for the mix, other than de-cluttering (which, i’ll admit, is kind of important.)



In a larger production these things would be split up anyways. Think large movie and you’d have separate dialog editors, dialog pre-dub engineers, sfx editors etc. All those tasks would be carried out in individual projects (sessions). And then when done they’d be imported as stems into the final re-recording project for the final mix.

Now, if this was a commercial for TV then sure, I’d keep everything in one project. There wouldn’t be time (in my experience) to mess around with different projects, exporting/importing files back and forth. However, this is 1hr+ content and keeping it separate has many benefits, most importantly not even coming close to the edge of the capability of my system (yeah, I might need a new one), and, secondly because I’ll work more efficiently with things split up.

So, with that said, if I do work in separate projects, then I have to move over the final stem to the final mix project. If I choose to export the final dialog pre-dub as an audio file, then I have to import it into the final mix project. If I choose to record onto a track in the dialog pre-dub project, then I have to import that track into the final mix project.

But, if I could allow for this to happen automatically and dynamically, then whatever changes I make in the dialog pre-dub will automatically carry over to the final mix project. No more export/import. Just switch window to dialog pre-dub project, activate, do changes, record, save, switch back and I’m good to go.

Perhaps the easiest explanation is really implied in the thread name if you think of the intent of the functionality…

See my point?

I see your point and I like this idea. Please let us know how it works out.

I carry my edits all the way through the final mix. When I’m done with the edit I’ll copy down and consolidate to new mix tracks. I disable the edit tracks and store them in a folder.

I used to do the separate sessions way and export to a mix session. But I found tweaks and fixes and re-exporting crazy on long jobs. But what if I was able to just punch record a quick spot fix to a stem and it’ll automatically update the mix session file because that track was networked. That would be awesome.

I’ve tinkered with this for about an hour.

I’m not on a network so it seems that I can’t share with myself.

I think this is such a good idea though I hope there is a way

Thanks for trying, I haven’t had a chance to get to it yet.

Yeah, I think it’d be a good idea as well. It’s a bit “weird” that it’d be restricted to networked users, as opposed to “just” users, period.

I’ll try it out later as well.

Thanks for explaining it a little further… sometimes (with slightly new ways of thinking) it can take me a little while to get up to speed on exactly what folks are proposing…
I get your idea - and I really love it.
I’m going to fiddle with this some more when I get a chance. It may involve some trickery… (which I’m quite…er…shall I say “happy”… to partake in!)


Are you on a mac or pc?



Thinking more about this overnight, and reading thru all the settings again, I’m not sure this is going to work…
My last thing to try this morning is hooking up both my giga-e ports to my router (meaning each port has its own IP address…) and then use the WAN settings to identify each project as being on a different computer.

I’m not holding my breath that it will work, but you never know.

The other option is running 2 virtual machines on your one machine, but that will be SLOW :slight_smile:. I’m pretty sure you could get it working though!

All this networking thinking has led me to think that there may be other things we could propose as a feature request regarding nuendo’s networking and sharing. But more research first.


Still haven’t had the time to check it, so thanks to you guys for doing so!!!