[Question] No AutoReseive of Intervall when tempo is changed

Hi all,

need your help to determine if i miss something or if the functionnality miss in Cubase? What i do :

  1. I create a beat, 4/4@120 BPM, then an interval to work it in midi loop mode. At this point all is ok.

  1. Now i’m switching to 100 BPM. My Midi was stretch successfully, but not my intervall

Why ?

Thanks in advance.

Ps for admin : The limitation “Your images may only be up to 700 pixels wide.” is really a pain. Next time, just remove the image button, it will be simpler for you and less expansive for you (but not for customer of course).




(took me a while to spot what was happening there :wink: )…
It is because your main readout in the transport Bar is set to “Samples” (even though you then set the timeline ruler back to “Bars+Beats”)
Set the main display to “Bars+beats” before changing the tempo.

(this is the 3rd post from different people about “Bars+Beats” in the last few minutes! :wink: )


thanks a lot for the answer. But it’s not working. See the following video capture :


Did i do something wrong maybe ???

Ok, i found the solution, to keep it, you must in the transport bar, set the primary display to Beat and not time.