Question of dsp effects in Cubase/Nuendo

I’d like to know whether my understanding correct or not.

  1. Without FX Rec enabled, the dsp effects are monitor only even with Nuendo. If I want to apply the same effect to the track, I have to add inserts with the same settings. So it’s for a zero latency dsp effects monitoring.
  2. Wiht FX Rec enabled, the dsp effects are recorded in Cubase/Nuendo’s track. But I can’t modify the settings after that. But for the reverb, I still have to create a FX/Group track to send to.
  3. Does the inserts of use the dsp? Is it zero latency?
  4. The Cubase/Nuendo integration window is only available with UR-C input and UR-C outuput. But I can still use FX Rec in dspMixFx to get dsp effects into track.
  5. And also, it seems that the dsp effects is a little different than the insert effects. I created a track to send to REV-X Hall with the same settings of the dsp effects.
  1. yes correct
  2. recorded but you can’t modify the FX afterwards since it is already recorded
  3. not sure but I don’t think so… in digital world nothing is really zero latency…
  4. I don’t know what you mean…
  5. hmm maybe your source is different…
    or just a minor important setting doesn’t really match

@st10ss Thanks for your explanation.
4.I mean this. This UR22C tab will be available only with UR22C In-x input and UR22C Mix 1. If I route it to a group bus . This tab will not show. But I can use the FX Rec with dsp effect recorded.

EDIT: forget to attach the screenshot.