Question on ARA with Melodyne and Cubase?

Hi Everyone

I love Cubase, and have had it for YEARS. Years ago I used melodyne quite a bit but as VARI got better I moved more to just using it, loved it in cubase on the track etc. VARI3 is awesome so much so that I never looked at or considered ARA a big deal.

My use is SIMPLE, usually one just one vocal track at a time, so no need for multiple tracks etc

However I am just curious exactly what you need to use Melodyne and ARA in cubase? I THINK i have an oldddddd license for the old single instance of melodyne somewhere? if not I can always re log in and find out. But I am just curious which version you need to work in cubase on the track?

and the obvious follow up

Is it really worth it with Vari3 so good now?


Well the big crucial difference is only Melodyne can deal with polyphonic material.

As above the polyphonic use is the biggest requirement on why you’d want to use Melodyne, but unless you have one of the higher editions of melodyne tucked away you maybe won’t have that option anyway.

Generally, it seems that most users prefer the tuning of single voice instruments (Vocals etc) of Variaudio, and those also have the opinion that Melodyne is slightly better at time correction/quantization of audio.

For me, i much prefer variaudio, but so far not had the need for polyphonic processing, nor do i use such tools to quantise audio. If you’re like me stick with Variaudio, it’s great now, integrates brilliantly, and only going to improve.

I think you need Melodyne 4.2 onwards for it to work with ARA2 integration.

Just my take

On the whole I prefer melodyne, sonically single line pitch and tempo correction takes a lot longer to sound ok in variaudio but in the end generally sounds better after variaudio rather than melodyne but it takes me much longer with much more manual intervention to get there.

Poly correction, melodyne is your only choice

I also prefer melodyne for audio to midi work and tempo mapping, I get much better results faster using melodyne than any of the cubase tools that do the same job.


Awesome, thanks all

Not sure I would need the Polyphonic, I haven’t needed it before. VARI3 is really powerful and nice, and I actually didnt think cubase would integrate ARA because of it. But when it did drop I started wondering, why, and what exactly it might bring. I watched some youtube videos on it as well but thought I would ask

C10 just blows me away. I still use maybe 10% of what its capable of lol. Heck at this point i use a ton of cubase plugs in the channel strip now instead of third party stuff (eq, comp, sat, reverb, delay). Really the only extra stuff i use are the waves CLA vocal, ozone, NLA first insert each track and master, and mayube waves bass rider and vocal rider etc but the cubase stuff integrated, CPU, and right there is just awesome.

I will tell you to, i have a 2014 Imac, i7 3.2, 32 gigs ram etc. My last “large” song was about 53 tracks, pretty loaded with plugs and I always mix into my mastering plugs of a waves tap, and Ozone, and its about 50% on the CPU meter. crazy stuff all this.

thanks again!

Revoice Pro looks quite interesting alternative, so it’s not just Melodyne. Never used it though! :slight_smile: