Question on Exporting Stems

I have a question regarding how to export stems when I have separate FX channels:

My project has approx. 50 channels grouped to 5 busses, each of which I can export as a stem using Export, Audio Mixdown. So far so good.

But I have 4 channels (long/short reverb and long/short delay) to which a number of the channels have been sent. But how should I export these as stems? Should I literally export the FX channel so that there is eg a Reverb stem? or should I have simply added reverb etc at channel or bus level instead to start with?

Many thanks for any assistance :slight_smile:



Cubase Pro 10, Windows 10

First ask yourself what you need the stems for, then group the signals so, you can achieve what you want.

Thank you for the prompt response. Well I want my percussion, for example, to have some reverb. Would it be rational though to export a single stem for the dry percussion, and then another for the percussion reverb?

Sure, it all just depends on what you Need those stems for. Everything is rational that does what you need it to do.

your question for sure makes me wonder as well - as others who tried to help - what you are using stems for. Actually what you are intending to export does not sound like “stems” in a way I would be familiar with them.

HTH, Ernst